Configure VESC Settings

Last Updated: 9/15/16 You just bought your VESC and now how do you configure it? The current version is the following:
  • VESC Hardware - v4.12
  • VESC Firmware - v4.18
Here's a video on how to configure the VESC. Below, I have a checklist for more important information that hasn't been updated on the video. [su_youtube url="" width="440"]

VESC Configure Settings Checklist

First download the VESC BLDC Tool. It's available for Linux, Windows, OSX.  
  1. Download the VESC BLDC tool here.
Configuring Your VESC Settings
  1. Confirm that power wires, motor phase wires are connected properly.
  2. Plug in the Mini USB cable.
  3. Turn on the power and/or connect your VESC to your power source.
Setting Motor Configuration for BLDC VESC Motor Configuration Settings
  1. Set Your Motor Type
    • Set Motor Type to BLDC. It's technically the safest option for the current version. VESC Motor Type BLDC
  2. Set Your Current Limits
    • Current limits will vary depending on if you have a Single Motor and/or a Dual Motor setup.
    • They are also dependent on the total voltage of your battery pack and the amp rating.
      • Find out the total voltage of your battery pack. For Lipo or 18650 Lithium Ion it's usually 3.7v * the number of cells or batteries you have in a series connection. Ex. 6S, 8S, 10S, 12S, etc.
      • Find out your total continuous amp rating and peak rating. Total amp rating is depends on the type of lipo battery and/or lithium ion battery which you use.
      • I
  3. Set Your Voltage Limits
  4. RPM Limits
  5. Temperature Limits
  6. Other Limits

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