Dual Motor Rear Wheel Drive Electric Skateboard

I've been working on a new build so I can document the process on building my new board and for more fun. I currently have a dual motor diagonal setup 10S and 2x 63MM Motors 3KW each. If you don't know what these terms mean, be sure to checkout my DIY Electric Skateboard Guide. My guide will get you up to speed quickly so you can understand all the Eboard Lingo. I've noticed that I don't really throttle my controller pass 50-60% of full throttle. This means I'm not utilizing the full power of my current Electric Longboard configuration. 50mm motors with holey trucks If you notice in the picture above. I have 2x 50mm motors which you can buy at our store here. There isn't enough clearance on the current longboard trucks. To effectively mount dual/twin motors on the rear end drive of the skateboard. I would have to expand the longboard truck size. Find out the solution by purchasing my DIY Electric Skateboard eBook.

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  • Hayden

    about how fast will one of the 50mm motors make you go when geared to a 1:1 gear ratio?

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