HOW TO BUILD An Electric Mountain Board

Ultimate Electric Mountain Board Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on How To Build An Electric Mountain Board. We'll have step-by-step videos & instructions to help you get started building your own Electric Mountain Board.

What is an Electric Mountain Board?

A mountain board or kite board are boards with longer trucks and 8" Pneumatic Wheels. They are typically used for off road riding also known as all terrain. To make an Electric Mountain Board electric we add a few parts such as motors, electronic speed controllers (ESCs), wiring, remotes and a battery enclosure.

Too big? Need something more portable?

If your looking for a more portable setup I'd highly recommend looking into our guide - How To Build An Electric Skateboard. An Electric Skateboard is a more convenient setup for actual commuting compared to a motorized mountain board which is much larger due to the 8" Pneumatic Wheels.

Choosing The Best Mountain Board

For mountain boards there are mainly two companies who sell mountain boards.
  1. Trampa Boards (UK Based)
  2. MBS Mountain Boards (USA Based)
We specifically built our Electric Mountain Board Kits for Trampa Boards. Trampa Boards have a wide selection for choosing different colors, deck styles and flex levels for building a custom mountain board to your liking. They're boards are higher quality than most mountain board setups available.    

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