Update - Full Electric Skateboard Kit - Pre Order!

I'm currently working on another batch of Electric Skateboard Trucks that will go with a full Electric Skateboard Kit that I will offer. You can get all mechanical components for an electric skateboard here at DIYElectricSkateboard.com. electric skateboard kit

PRE-ORDER at a DISCOUNT!!! Limited Time Only!

  • 50mm motors with a 6S LiPo (For Speeds 25 - 30MPH)
  • 63mm RC Brushless Motors with a 6-12S LiPo (For Speeds 30mph+)
    • Single Motor Electric Longboard Trucks - $140.00 - BUY NOW!
    • Dual Diagonal Motor Electric Longboard Trucks - $190.00 - BUY NOW!
    • Dual Rear Motor Electric Longboard Trucks - $190.00 - BUY NOW!
The upcoming batch will not be Paris Trucks but they are trucks that are just like Paris Trucks. Basically, Paris clones but this will make the price cheaper. Take a look at all our trucks on the next batch! electric skateboard trucks   Longboard Trucks Before Attaching The Motor Mounts!


  • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

    Hi Myke,

    I have yet to list everything just yet but I will shortly. You can see our single motor kit here that contains everything. http://diyelectricskateboard.com/product/complete-1500w-single-motor-electric-skateboard-kit/

    You are also welcome to send us an email and we can help you out. Feel free to contact us.

  • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

    Hi Tom,

    I sent you an email. I will be posting a Getting Started guide soon that will include the full details.

  • myke

    This looks great and all but can I get a detailed list of parts that need to be bought to complete a setup with a single motor?

  • DIYElectricSkateboard.com

    Hi Guna,

    Yes, that is correct. You would need all of that. You can use (2) 3S 5000mah Lipo batteries from HobbyKing.com. I’ll send you an email.

  • Tom Van

    I’m with Guna and I’m pretty sure many others are on the same boat as well… I wish to electrify my longboard and a little uncertain with what to buy.

    If I purchase the “Full Electric Skateboard Kit” (Single motor electric longboard), what else is needed that’s not included in this kit?

    Also, is it possible to use our own wheels on the kit?

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