VESC FAQ - Upgrade VESC Firmware

Last Updated: September 16 2016 This tutorial is how to upgrade the VESC firmware. You can purchase your VESC Electronic Speed Controller from our website. The VESC is currently the following:
  • Hardware v4.12
  • Firmware v2.18
You can use the VESC with a Linux, Windows or OSX operating system. If needed, you can always run a Linux Ubuntu virtual box on your Windows or OSX computer. Always use a USB 2.0 USB port.

Step 1 - Download the latest BLDC Tool.

Step 2 - Upgrade Firmware

  • VESC Upgrade Firmware VESC Upgrade Firmware
  • Click on the Firmware tab. VESC Upgrade Choose Firmware
  • Click on Choose
  • Click on Firmwares VESC Upgrade Choose Firmware
    • The firmware will be located in the BLDC installation folder. You'll have to navigate to the installation folder.
    • For windows - C:/Program Files (x86)/BLDC Tool/Drivers/firmwares/
  • Click on hw_410_411_412 VESC Upgrade Choose Hardware Firmware
  • Select VESC_default.bin VESC Upgrade Firmware Default .bin
  • Click on Upload VESC Upgrade Select Upload
    • You'll see the percentage% increase to 100.
    • The VESC will reboot once the VESC flashes 3 red lights. You'll want to re-connect.
  • You have successfully re-flashed with the latest firmware.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure you are uploading the correct software firmware to the correct hardware firmware. They should be compatible.
  • You can easily break the VESC by uploading and using the incorrect firmware.


Any questions, please leave a comment. We'll try our best to answer them immediately.

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