VESC FAQ - VESC Dual Motor Setup

Last Updated: September 16 2016 This tutorial is how to connect and setup a dual motor electric skateboard. You can purchase your VESC Electronic Speed Controller from our website.

Parts Required:

Step 1 - Connect Both VESCs to Power Source

  • We use XT90 on all of our VESCs. The VESC XT90 parallel cable is used to run a single power source in parallel to both VESCs. VESC XT90 Parallel Connector
  • Simply connect two VESCs to the XT90 Parallel Connector. Connect Dual VESC Power Cables
  • XT90 end will plug into your "power source = battery".

Step 2 - Connect the VESC CanBus Cable

  • You may need to cut the heatshrink off the canbus cable locations.
You'll want to connect the

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