Welded Electric Skateboard Longboard Mount

By far the best and most reliable motor mount for an Electric Skateboard or an Electric Longboard would be a Welded Electric Skateboard Mount. There are many different pros and cons regarding using a welded motor mount for your motorized electric skateboard.

These are now available for purchase!

$35 Each Shipped To USA – Buy Now

Buy Pre-Welded 180mm/195mm Paris Trucks w/ Single or Dual Motor Mounts - Buy Now

welded electric skateboard mount Benefits (Pros) in getting a welded mount over a bolt on kit. Is the fact that you will spend less time with bolts coming loose, more sturdy and a very heavy duty and reliable motor mount. You can be rough with the board and ride rough terrain and not have to worry about the motor falling off or screws coming loose. Negatives (Cons) in purchasing a welded mount over a bolt on kit - (1) The downfall is the fact that once welded. It's pretty much stuck to your longboard trucks and there is no option to take them off. (2) You either have to buy them pre-welded and/or weld them locally with your local welder. Are you still not sure on how to build an electric skateboard on your own? Checkout my eBook that explains how you can make your own electric skateboard.


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    Where is your order form to purchase the welded trucks or parts to weld on?

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