Step 1 - How To Mount Your Electric Skateboard Trucks

Required Materials

  • Longboard Deck (of your choice)
  • Bolt Hardware - Used for bolting the Longboard Trucks to the deck. Typically, these bolts can be 10/32 and/or M4 bolts.
  • Rubber Risers - 1/8" or 3mm inch rubber riser. - Risers are used to make the board a bit more comfy and absorb the roughness of the road.

Required Tools

  • Skateboard T Tool
  • Philips Screwdriver

How To Install Electric Skateboard Trucks

Step 1 - Simply select your bolt hardware and electric skateboard trucks.

step 1 bolt trucks to electric skateboard

Step 2 - Bolt the 4 bolts through the deck and align the truck through the 4 bolts

step 1 bolt trucks to electric longboard

Step 3 - It's best to bolt on the deck hardware bolts with just the skate tool and a philips screwdriver.

If you use an electric drill or torque wrench you might have issues with the nylon nuts not threading properly and it ends up getting stuck.

What is RKP vs TKP Longboard Trucks?

The standard longboard trucks are RKP trucks which means reverse king pin. This means like in the photo the kingpin and bushing should be facing outward. TKP Trucks are more commonly found on Skateboards and not Longboards. We typically use longboards for electric longboards because they are much larger than skateboards and will allow more room for our components as well as a more comfortable ride. RKP_vs_TKP

What is New School vs Old School Bolt Pattern?

The main difference is old school bolt pattern is a bit smaller than the new school. All the new decks and trucks include both new school and old school patterns. longboard_mounting_holes_grande

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