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    How To Build An Electric Skateboard

    Build A DIY Electric Skateboard Kit - 230lbs+ Rider

    So, you want to build an electric skateboard. With the new availability of awesome electric skateboard parts it's now easier to create your own DIY electric skateboard. There are many benefits to building a DIY electric skateboard. These benefits range from the following:

    • Higher battery voltage output - With a DIY electric skateboard, you can customize your total voltage. Typically, people use 6S 22.2V, 8S 29.2V, 10S 37v and 12S 42v. The higher the voltage, the higher the immediate power output (wattage). Battery packs are usually RC LiPo Battery Packs and/or a Custom 18650 Pack with a BMS.
    • Higher battery amp output - You can typically push more amps to your motors by using more powerful battery packs. Typical rating for an Electric Skateboard Motor the max amp output per motor is around 80 amps. The way you calculate the total wattage would be Volts * Amps = Watts. (Ex. 36V * 80Amps = 2880 Watts). Ideally, you don't ever need this much power on an electric skateboard. It's much more then we need and power this high will typically leave you on the floor and your board quite a distance in front of you.
    • Higher motor wattage output - Using bigger and more powerful motors and more powerful batteries which drive more power to your motors you can achieve higher wattage from your motors. Typical, production electric skateboards will use 50mm motors and/or smaller. They are also typically geared for only 20mph. DIY Electric Skateboards could potential achieve speeds of 25-30mph if not higher. Although, this is not safe :)
    • Higher distance and mileage - You can carry spare LiPo packs or use a bigger battery pack. The bigger the battery pack the more weight you add to your electric skateboard. However, you can also add much more range. It's possible for you to get 10 to 20 mile range from your battery packs.
    • Higher traction and power - The benefit of an electric skateboard is you can choose to ride a Single Motor or Dual Motor setup. The Dual Motor setup will be twice the amount of power (not twice the amount of speed). The benefit of a dual motor setup is for heavier riders or riders who want more traction and/or hill climbers who ride up 20-30% inclines.
    • Easy Installation, Setup & Repairs - Once you learn How To Build An Electric Skateboard it's fairly easy to build, modify and repair. Typically, you motors, escs which are your main components will last forever. I've had motors last well over 3,000 miles and they more then a doubt had another 3,000 miles left if not more in them.
    Let's get to the point....If you are a 190-230lb rider.. I would recommend the following depending on your typical riding route. There's two options.

    I ride 80-90% of my route on flat ground... Bare minimum...

    If you ride 80-90% of your route on flat ground.. You are perfectly fine with the following setup:
    • 6S-12S 5000mah RC LiPo Batteries or 18650 Equivalent - I would recommend our Electric Skateboard Battery the EPOWER PACK 10S3P. Checkout our post on Recommend RC LiPo Battery Packs for Electric Skateboards for RC LiPo's.
    • 6S ESC or 12S TorqueBoards ESC, 12S VESC Preferred - You can go with a 6S ESC but something more durable would be a 12S ESC either the 12S TorqueBoards or the 12S VESC.
    • 16T Motor Pulley and 36T Drive Wheel Pulley - The best gearing ratio for an all around setup would be 16T/36T which would get you a 1:2.25 gearing ratio. After testing all different KV ranges and gearing ratios. I find the best setup is a 6355 230KV on 16T/36T. I notice no reduce in torque and only a much smoother ride.
    • 6355 230KV Motor - I find the price difference between 50mm and 63mm motors aren't too much. The weight difference isn't much. For this reason, there's no reason why anyone shouldn't go with a 63mm diameter 55mm length motor for either a single motor or dual motor setup. The higher KV at 230KV provides less resistance than lower KV motors (170kv, 190kv, 200kv, etc) and allows a 200-230lb rider to climb up 20-30% inclines.

    I ride 30-40% of my route going uphill ...  More powerful setup...

    • 10S-12S 5000mah RC LiPo Batteries or 18650 Equivalent - I'd go for the higher voltage either 10S or 12S for 37V or 44.4v. You can go with our EPOWER Pack 10S3P.  You can use HobbyKing RC LiPo's and go with dual 5S in series for 10S and/or dual 6s in series for 12s. You can find the 5s, 6s packs on sale for bargain basement prices!
    • Dual 12S VESC or Dual 12S TorqueBoards ESC - You want a nice smooth start go with Dual VESC units. You want Dual 12S with max amp output go with our Dual 12S TorqueBoard ESC's.
    • Dual 6355 230KV Motor - Our recommended Dual 6355 230KV motor is a higher KV rating which allows a 230-260lb rider to climb up 20 to 30% inclines. The reason you go dual motor is for twice the power and traction to climb hills and be more effective when going downhill.

    So, I got the main Electrical Components above...What's next?

    Mechanical Components!

    For the mechanical components, you'll need the following: Or get the full mechanical kit which includes the trucks, wheels, motor mounts, risers, motor pulley, drive wheel pulley, risers, bearings, spacers and bolt hardware. Single Motor Mount Mechanical Kit

    So, you got the Mechanical Parts.. What about Electrical Wiring?

    To wire up your electric skateboard it's very simple.

    For RC Lipo's

    For 18650 Custom Battery

    • Everything is built in so you only have the XT60 connector to connect to the ESCs.

    Step 2 - Setup Your Electric Longboard Wheels

    Required Materials

    • Longboard Wheels - We normally sell 83mm or 90mm Longboard wheels with our kits. In this tutorial, you'll learn how the drive wheel pulley is attached to the longboard wheel.
    • Specific Drive Wheel Pulley - The teeth on the drive wheel can differ depending on what kind of gearing ratio which you are trying reach. Depending on if you choose to have more torque or more top end speed. This can be discussed in the future on another post.
    • Specific Drive Wheel Back Plate Retainer - This tutorial includes a wheel which has a specific back plate retainer. Not all will have a back plate retainer.
    • Drive Wheel Bolts - Certain drive wheel kits which we sell come with specific bolts which allow you to bolt the drive wheel pulley onto the longboard wheel.

    Required Tools

    • Electric Drill (not a torque drill) - Any typical electric drill should be fine.
    • Metric hex bit set - We use M4, M5 and M6 bolts. Titan Metrix Hex Key Set which can be purchased from Amazon and/or eBay.
    • Magnetic Bit Holder Extension - This can be useful as it will give you some space to drill in the bolts into the wheels.

    Step 1 - First install your longboard wheel bearings and bearing spacers

    Step 1 - Install Electric Longboard Bearings and Bearing Spacers  

    Step 2 - Attach backplate retainer to electric longboard wheel

    Simply drill the bolts through the wheel as the pattern in the drive wheel pulley and the back plate retainer. The (6) M6 bolts should be pre-drilled into the wheels and hug the most inner side of the hub lines as shown Step 2 - Attach Bolts to Electric Longboard Wheel

    Step 3 - Attach the drive wheel pulley onto longboard wheels

    Press the drive wheel pulley against the longboard wheel while trying to match the location and drill the first bolt through the pulley. Drill the rest of the bolts across from each other to get it more balanced. The drive wheel pulley on right looks a bit lopsided but that's because of the angle of the photo. Electric Skateboard Drive Wheel PulleyElectric Skateboard Drive Wheel Pulley Back      

    Step 1 - How To Mount Your Electric Skateboard Trucks

    Required Materials

    • Longboard Deck (of your choice)
    • Bolt Hardware - Used for bolting the Longboard Trucks to the deck. Typically, these bolts can be 10/32 and/or M4 bolts.
    • Rubber Risers - 1/8" or 3mm inch rubber riser. - Risers are used to make the board a bit more comfy and absorb the roughness of the road.

    Required Tools

    • Skateboard T Tool
    • Philips Screwdriver

    How To Install Electric Skateboard Trucks

    Step 1 - Simply select your bolt hardware and electric skateboard trucks.

    step 1 bolt trucks to electric skateboard

    Step 2 - Bolt the 4 bolts through the deck and align the truck through the 4 bolts

    step 1 bolt trucks to electric longboard

    Step 3 - It's best to bolt on the deck hardware bolts with just the skate tool and a philips screwdriver.

    If you use an electric drill or torque wrench you might have issues with the nylon nuts not threading properly and it ends up getting stuck.

    What is RKP vs TKP Longboard Trucks?

    The standard longboard trucks are RKP trucks which means reverse king pin. This means like in the photo the kingpin and bushing should be facing outward. TKP Trucks are more commonly found on Skateboards and not Longboards. We typically use longboards for electric longboards because they are much larger than skateboards and will allow more room for our components as well as a more comfortable ride. RKP_vs_TKP

    What is New School vs Old School Bolt Pattern?

    The main difference is old school bolt pattern is a bit smaller than the new school. All the new decks and trucks include both new school and old school patterns. longboard_mounting_holes_grande