Step 2 - Setup Your Electric Longboard Wheels

Required Materials

  • Longboard Wheels - We normally sell 83mm or 90mm Longboard wheels with our kits. In this tutorial, you'll learn how the drive wheel pulley is attached to the longboard wheel.
  • Specific Drive Wheel Pulley - The teeth on the drive wheel can differ depending on what kind of gearing ratio which you are trying reach. Depending on if you choose to have more torque or more top end speed. This can be discussed in the future on another post.
  • Specific Drive Wheel Back Plate Retainer - This tutorial includes a wheel which has a specific back plate retainer. Not all will have a back plate retainer.
  • Drive Wheel Bolts - Certain drive wheel kits which we sell come with specific bolts which allow you to bolt the drive wheel pulley onto the longboard wheel.

Required Tools

  • Electric Drill (not a torque drill) - Any typical electric drill should be fine.
  • Metric hex bit set - We use M4, M5 and M6 bolts. Titan Metrix Hex Key Set which can be purchased from Amazon and/or eBay.
  • Magnetic Bit Holder Extension - This can be useful as it will give you some space to drill in the bolts into the wheels.

Step 1 - First install your longboard wheel bearings and bearing spacers

Step 1 - Install Electric Longboard Bearings and Bearing Spacers  

Step 2 - Attach backplate retainer to electric longboard wheel

Simply drill the bolts through the wheel as the pattern in the drive wheel pulley and the back plate retainer. The (6) M6 bolts should be pre-drilled into the wheels and hug the most inner side of the hub lines as shown Step 2 - Attach Bolts to Electric Longboard Wheel

Step 3 - Attach the drive wheel pulley onto longboard wheels

Press the drive wheel pulley against the longboard wheel while trying to match the location and drill the first bolt through the pulley. Drill the rest of the bolts across from each other to get it more balanced. The drive wheel pulley on right looks a bit lopsided but that's because of the angle of the photo. Electric Skateboard Drive Wheel PulleyElectric Skateboard Drive Wheel Pulley Back      


  • Kevin Kuwata

    what type of wheels are those Abec 11?

    what wheel would you recommend so I don’t have to drill any holes? the bit keeps skipping in my drill press. and I have made several jigs. I think the wheels I have are too soft to drill and due to the conical shape the bit does’t get enough bite to make a straight cut.

    bit keeps deflecting. any tips would be much appreciated. My friend and I are building a board with a lot of your parts. We did not opt to do the full kit because we thought we could do some of the other tasks… clearly drilling holes is a formidable challenge

  • quinn

    what exact model wheels are these

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