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  • Does the kit with 180mm trucks fit dual 6374 belt motors next to each other? And can you set it, so it's easy to maneuver?


    You would need 218mm Trucks for Dual 6374 Motors w/ 15mm wide belts.

    It is very simple and easy to setup and install.

  • Hi Is this kit suitable for Dual belt motor 6374 next to each other?

    Yes, you can use a Dual 6374 or Dual 6380 with our Dual Motor Mechanical Kit if you use the 218mm Trucks option.

    I'd also recommend the 15mm wide belts. This setup 218mm Trucks with 15mm wide belts will also be compatible with our 6.3" Pneumatic Tires.

  • My motors have 10mm shaft. What is the centre hole on drive pully for the double motor 6374 mechanical kit as I couldn't see it in description?

    Our motor pulleys are made out of steel. Drive wheel pulleys are made out of aluminum.
    All of our motor pulleys have an 8mm bore. You can fit an 8mm motor shaft with a keyway (3mm x 3mm).

  • Aside from this kit, what else is needed to complete a set up? Very interested in this. Off road capability? Thanks

    Our PRO2 Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit or our PRO3 Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit would be the best options if your looking for a full electric skateboard conversion kit minus a longboard deck.

    As for Off Road Capability or All Terrain Wheels, we don't those wheels available at this time. However, we are working on offering 6" x 2" Pneumatic Tires in the near future 😀.

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