TB40 Deck V2.1 Combo Kit (w/ Heatsink Cutout)
TB40 Deck V2.1 Combo Kit (w/ Heatsink Cutout)
TB40 Deck V2.1 Combo Kit (w/ Heatsink Cutout)
TB40 Deck V2.1 Combo Kit (w/ Heatsink Cutout)
TB40 Deck V2.1 Combo Kit (w/ Heatsink Cutout)
TB40 Deck V2.1 Combo Kit (w/ Heatsink Cutout)

TB40 Deck V2.1 Combo Kit (w/ Heatsink Cutout)

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This is a specific combo kit that fits perfectly. Deck + Enclosure included.

Allows you to build your own high performance DIY Electric Skateboard.


Same as our TB40 Deck V2 Combo Kit just with our upgraded battery enclosure with a esc heatsink cutout. The battery enclosure is also much thicker than the previous enclosure for extra durability.

Recommended Battery

  • Fits a 12S4P Battery Pack 18650 or 21700 Cells
  • Can fit 12S8P Battery Pack double stacked but you will have to increase the height gap to accommodate a bigger battery pack.

What's Included

  • 1x 40" Length x 10.20" Wide Drop Through Drop Deck (TB40 V2)
  • 1x Battery Seal
  • 1x Battery Enclosure

What You'll Need

Inside Cavity Size - 624mm Length x 174mm Width x 26mm Height

TB40 V2 Deck Composite Stack Details

Our TB40 Deck is our final version which is the same deck that we use for our TORQUE Street Complete Board.

This version is a huge upgrade from our TB40 V1 Deck. Any prior issues with TB40 V1 have been fixed on our TB40 V2 version. This is the upgraded version. We added 6+ layers of fiberglass for extra strength with a slightly bigger battery compartment to fit a 12S4P 21700 battery pack. All layers are cross-layered for extra strength and durability. Due to using fiberglass we have a bit more bounce on the deck when riding vs the TB40 V1 Deck.

It is 17 layers layers in total. Complete overkill for this type of board. Made from 10 layers of Canadian maple, 6 layers of fiberglass and 1 layer of carbon fiber.

This deck is ultra strong and not stiff due to the many layers of fiberglass so it's very enjoyable to ride and an easy building platform for your next diy electric skateboard build. Due to the fiberglass you have some snap/bounce in the deck yet it's still really strong and durable.

The deck comes pre-gripped.

NOTE - Does not fit 218mm Trucks in a drop through position. 218mm Trucks will need to be top mounted. Deck is a bit thicker to strengthen the deck due to the built in cutout.


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Increase performance. Increase range. Build it better. Build it how you like it.




This board has been amazing so far, super torquey, I've hit 38mph easily, ridiculously stable at top speeds, build quality is solid. Everything feels premium, eats hills up with ease, deck feels great.

Timmy O
East Hartford, CT

Thanks you guys rock! Seriously totally have impressed me on multiple occasions. Thanks for all you do!

Anthony P
Kansas City, MO

I really dig it! It has tons of power & torque. I love how low & wide it is, makes it feel incredibly stable. It's a perfect street board. Love the board & your products.

Michael E
Concord, NC

Just wanted to say thanks so much for handling the shipping so quickly! Very impressed and much appreciated 🤙 already ordered a bunch of bushings and washers to play with hehe. Have a great week!

Daniel C
Boynton Beach, FL

Absolutely loved them. Mine have literally been all over, thousands of miles on them.

Joseph G
Chicago, IL

board arrived yesterday. took it for a spin last night and loving it. looking forward to hearing your plans for the future. it is already fantastic. thanks

Barry C
Quincy, MA

Wow got them fast ordered Monday got them today Thursday and I'm in Canada thats fast service right on !!

Tony S
Edmonton, Canada

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