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  • Is it required to program this and can you program this on macos and how. Thanks

    Yes, it is recommended to program the TORQUE ESC and the VESC Tool is only available on Windows and Linux. There is no MacOS version available.

    Our ESC is typically pre-programmed for a 12S Battery with a Single 6355 190KV Motor. If you happen to use this same setup, you wouldn't need to program it but it's recommended to still program it.

  • What's the weight of the TORQUE ESC Speed Controller?


  • Can you use this ESC for dual hub motors?

    Yes, you would need 2x TORQUE ESC for a Dual Motor Setup.
    We also recommend the following connectors:
    1x Male to Male Connector
    1x CAN bus Connector
    1x XT90 Parallel Connector

  • Do you need 2 esc’s To run dual belt drive 6380’s?

    Yes, you would need Two VESCs to run Dual Motors.

  • Does VESC permit forward and backward motion and, if yes, how is this to be set up?

    You can use our Nano Remote for Reverse. But to engage, reverse you'll need to be 100% stopped.

    We're looking at offering a better solution in the future.

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