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  • Can the 6380 or 6384 motors fit these trucks

    Our 218mm Trucks will fit Dual 6380 Motors on the same truck with 15mm wide belts.

  • Hi, What’s the width of the hanger at its widest ( the cross section)?

    Our truck hanger is 218mm in length not including the axles. Our trucks will fit Dual 6374 or Dual 6380 Motors.

  • Are these trucks narrower than the Caliber II 10 inch trucks?

    Our 218mm Trucks have a 218mm hanger and 37mm axle legth. Standard Caliber II 10 inch trucks have a 182mm hanger and a 27mm axle length. 218mm Trucks will support Dual 6374 Motors, Dual 6380 Motors with 15mm wide belts. Standard Caliber II or 180mm Trucks will only support Dual 6355 Motors with 12mm wide belts.

  • Will this 218mm trucks fit caliber 2 style motor mount? Also the 10mm bearing spacer needed for standard wheels in the description, is it the bearing set that come with it and just added it on before put the wheels on? Thanks

    Yes, our 218mm Trucks fit similar to Caliber II. 10mm Bearing Spacer is included and you would add them onto the axle before the wheels.

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