DIY Electric Longboard Kit

Here at, we try to provide the entire solution to complete your own DIY Electric Longboard Kit. We are currently working on a lot of different products which will help the process of building a DIY electric longboard. Our goal is create a DIY Electric Longboard Kit which simplifies the process of building your own electric longboard. Currently in the works: Electric Longboard Motor Mounts Bolt On Kit
Update - January 8th 2014 - I have currently stopped producing a Bolt On Kit and am specifically selling 180mm Paris Trucks with a Single Motor Mount and/or Dual Diagonal or Dual Rear Wheel Motor Mounts. I have found the cost of welded motor mounts much CHEAPER and much more durable than the Bolt On's. For this exact reason, I prefer to offer a better and more solid product by offering pre-welded motor mounts. If you like you can also purchase the motor mounts separately and weld them yourself at a local shop in your area. I have tested these motor mounts for over 500-600 miles and they hold up perfectly with no signs of braking, bending, etc. These mounts are almost impossible to break while cruising on your electric skateboard. View our available Electric Longboard Motor Mounts.
Electric Longboard Motor Mount Kit I have been working on creating a bolt on kit that will attach onto longboard trucks. This bolt on kit will hold a motor that will power your wheels to move. There are still some modifications that need to be made and after I will have to durability test these mounts. Once I am satisfied with the high quality standards, I would feel safe selling them to DIYElectricSkateboard'ers. If you have no experience or knowledge on how to create an electric longboard. Purchase my ebook to get up to speed and become knowledgeable on the tasks needed to create an electric longboard.

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  • Trent

    So is there a kit you are able to purchase or are you working on that?

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