Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard Build Parts Checklist Plan

So you're interested in learning How To Build Your Own DIY Electric Skateboard Hub Motor Build. This post will discuss how to create a dual hub motor electric skateboard similar to production based eBoards. The benefit of a DIY Electric Skateboard Hub Motor build is that you can customize your parts and use a bigger and beefier battery pack over a traditional production board. You can also choose your own KV rating and swap out different sized wheels for your convenience. Build an electric skateboard that's much more powerful than an Inboard M1 and/or a MellowBoards. We do our best to make everything plug and play as well as a breeze to put together and install. Please bear with us due to the time it takes to produce certain products. We are working very hard on it :)

What Is A DIY Electric Skateboard Hub Motor?

An Electric Skateboard Hub Motor is a Brushless Motor inside of a wheel. The motor is inside the wheel. Our Electric Skateboard Hub Motors fit over Paris Trucks or Paris Style Trucks. They then have an end cap which go over the wheel. Electric Skateboard Hub Motors are simple. The hub motor itself fits over a longboard axle, specifically Paris trucks or Paris style trucks with a round diameter of 18mm. There is also an Outer Hub Wheel which we sell in two different sizes 83mm Hub Wheel Orange and/or 90mm Hub Wheel Black. We've added a bigger wheel option 90mm which will allow you to have more urethane between your motor and the ground. 90mm wheel's because of the diameter allow for a slightly higher top speed.

Why Build A DIY Electric Skateboard Hub Motor Build?

There are many reasons why you would choose to build your own electric skateboard hub motor build. I've listed the main reasons in no particular order. I'm sure, you have your own reasons as well. If you do, please share :)
  • You want a fun project to build...Why not a DIY Electric Skateboard?
  • You want a customized board. Choose your deck. Choose your colors.
  • You want a different battery configuration. Less battery packs, swappable battery packs, flat packs and more?
  • You want lower or higher battery voltage. Choose between 6S, 8S, 10S, or 12S.
  • Hub Motors have the least resistance. An Electric Skateboard Hub Motor has no belt which would add resistance to it. It free rolls or allows you to coast with no resistance.
  • Electric Brakes on Hub Motors. Electric Hub Motor Brakes are more instant as there is no delay when braking on a belt pulley setup.
  • You want the freedom to swap or interchange your parts as easy as possible.

Can Electric Skateboard Hub Motors Climb Hills?

Yes, Electric Skateboard Hub Motors can climb hills. Typically, they can easily climb 10-15% inclines possibly 20% inclines. Can they climb 30-35% inclines, maybe but you wouldn't want too. That's where a dual rear belt driven motor setup would work best. Belt drive setups you can effectively change the gearing which will give you just the right amount of torque and rpm's to power up steeper hills. So if your in an area like San Francisco and your trying to climb the tallest of tallest hills then by all means go with a belt driven dual motor setup. If you live in a relatively flat and small hill area... hub motors would be a great choice!

Dual Hub Motor Board Specs 12S3P

You want the best of the best....Here's a simple DIY Electric Skateboard Hub Motor checklist if you want an awesome dual rear hub motor setup. You would want the 75KV hub motors for a 12S Setup. For this setup, you can use

Dual Hub Motor Board Specs 6S/12S LiPo

Let's say you want to build a Dual Hub Motor but use RC LiPo Battery Packs. Your checklist will look a bit different. This setup listed is if you plan on using a 2x3s battery setup which would give you 22.2v 6S. You would want the slightly higher KV rating to accommodate for the lower voltage.

DIY Electric Skateboard Parts

HobbyKing Parts

TOTAL COST = $944.32 w/ Cheap Charger TOTAL COST = $1,008.91 w/ Reliable Charger As you can see from this setup, it does seem much more cost effective to go with the first setup and you get the convenience of laptop style charging versus bulk charging.


Hope this helps you guys figure out how to build your own dual hub motor build. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.


  • Klaus

    Hi, did you have to configure the vesc at all for the 12s3p setup?

  • Leon

    Hello, can you publish Single Hub Motor Board Specs ? and with different LiPo 6S and 12S

  • ryan

    Hi, i have a question regarding the the setup you recommended for the Dual Hub Motor Board Specs 12S3P. Is the list of things everything you need to completely finish the board or do you have to buy other stuff too?
    Here is the list:
    TORQUE Dual Hub Motor Kit – $334.40 USD
    VESC Speed Controller – $99/ea x2 = $198.99 USD
    VESC XT90 Parallel Connector – $8.99 USD
    VESC CanBus Connector – $6.99 USD
    2.4ghz Mini Remote – $60.00 USD
    12S3P EPOWER Pack – $425.00 USD
    12S3P Electronics & Battery Enclosure (In Progress)
    TOTAL = $1,034.37

  • Joey Brooks

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking to build an electric board for flat land, low speed, and long distance. I was thinking of a single hub motor but notice you do not offer a single. Any thoughts on the best way to achieve this with your parts?

    Range approaching 20 miles.
    Speed 12-15mph on flat land max. Even 10mph top speed would be OK.
    Do not really need a motor brake system. OK if it is there.
    Rider 155lbs.

    I intend to kick up to speed, then engage the motor drive to extend battery life. Foot brake to stop. I like the hub motor because if I want to skate over a bridge I can just kick instead of using the motor with no extra drag. There will be times when I just want to kick anyway like certain areas that do not allow motorized anything. I could even kick with the motor going – like a motor assist bicycle. This would allow for some stealth in areas that do not allow motors.

    I prefer to build myself so I can repair myself. Do not want to depend on the manufacturer of any electric boards on the market after purchase.


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