How To Make A DIY Electric Longboard

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Build Your Electric Longboard Today, Buy The eBook!

This website will educate you on the proper components to build yourself, your own DIY Electric Longboard. offers an in-depth ebook guide on How To Build Your Own DIY Electric LongboardWe basically teach you from start to finish on how to build your own electric skateboard. The benefit of our guide is the fact that you can easily create an electric longboard with double the speed, double the range of any production electric skateboard on the market. Best of all your project will be unique to you. The following components are required to create an electric skateboard. Your basic longboard setup will consist of the following:
  • Longboard Deck
  • Longboard Trucks
  • Longboard Bearings & Spacers
  • Longboard Wheels
*Buy the eBook Guide to get our recommendations for your Electric Longboard build. An electric longboard will have the added components to make it electric:
  • Longboard Truck Motor Mount
  • RC Speed Controller
  • RC Motors
  • RC Batteries
  • UBEC
  • Circuit Breaker Switch
  • Pulleys and Belts
  • RC Transmitter and Receiver
  • Miscellaneous Tools & Accessories

Build Your Electric Longboard Today, Buy The eBook!

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  • Farhan

    could i please have a list of all the components i will need to build the electric skateboard. i would like to see if i will be able to gain access them before purchasing the guide. thank you

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