Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV
Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV

Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV

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NOTE: New 6355 190KV Motors now have MT60 Black Connectors for Motor Wires.

What's Included

  • (1) 6355 190KV Electric Skateboard Motor (Fits 63mm Motor Mounts)
  • (1) 3x3 Keyway Key

Product Description

UPGRADED 6355 190KV Electric Skateboard Motors. All the upgrades you can ask for and more!

Our 6355 190KV have had the internals re-designed for maximum size stators! This isn't your run of the mill "average" 6355 Motor. Our motors have been maximum spec'ed for their current 55mm Width.

Typically, you can use dual 6355 190KV motors for a light weight dual motor electric skateboard with smaller length trucks 180-200mm wide trucks.

Maximum Performance

  • High speed - These motors will allow you to travel up to speeds of 25-35+ mph. Maximum speed is dependent on available battery power, electronics and gearing ratios.
  • More powerful - Stator size is 25% larger than comparable motors with the same motor size. Other motors with the same size don't compare.
  • Amazing hill climbing - With a dual 6355 motor setup I've climbed 20-25 degree inclines with these motors in San Francisco hills for up to 170 lbs rider weight for more upgrade to Dual 6374 Electric Skateboard Motors. This means over 80-90% of all hills in San Francisco were doable with Dual 6355 motors.
  • Ideal setup - 12S Battery voltage, Dual 6355 motor setup is capable of 20-25+ degree inclines with about 170+ lb rider weight and top speed of 25-35+ mph.

TORQUEBOARDS V2.0 Motor Features

MAXIMUM STATOR SIZE - Other motors of similar size use standard motors. This means they use a stator size of about 20-25mm in length. Our stators in our motor cans are 35mm in length. This gives you more power, more torque which means increase in performance for these 55mm in width motors compared to our competitors.

BATTLE HARDENED - All motors are battle hardened inside the motor which means we add in another production step to epoxy every neodymium magnet to the motor can. This means that as you rack up the mileage on your powerful motors your magnets stay in place. Loose and falling magnets are a thing of the past.

BATTLE HARDENED PLUS - On top of battle hardened motors, we include mechanical retainers on the back and front side of our neodymium magnets which prevent any shifting or loosening during high performance operation.

CNC VENT HOLES - CNC Vent holes improve efficiency and keep your motors cool. No more overheating motors due to heat and inefficiencies. Your motors will be able to run harder and faster. No more burning out your motors. Vent holes within our design will ultimately keep your motors running cooler than comparable motors with no vent holes. Due to heat not being able to escape from your motor can. Truth be told, vent holes take additional production time to CNC additional holes in each and every motor can which can add production costs to a motor design. All holes have been designed in locations to prevent exposure to rocks and debris while riding. For more rigorous riding we will have an upgraded mesh screen that can be attached to the backend of the motor for complete enclosure from rocks and debris.

UPGRADED HALL SENSORS - We've upgraded our motors with more accurate and efficient sensors by adding a sensor slot on the actual stator. This improves accuracy for using sensors with VESC designed ESCs especially. The accuracy for each hall sensor angle is much closer to each other versus the previous sensor pcb version. Now with the new design sensors are much more unlikely to fail and we get improved accuracy and efficiency. Previous hall sensor differences were about 10-20 degree in angle difference. The new and improved hall sensor differences are about 1-3 degrees in difference. Now that we typically always run motors in sensored mode. This is a huge benefit and upgrade.

HIGH TEMPERATURE MAGNETS - All of our motors use high temperature neodymium magnets to withstand high performance operation. Similar motors will downgrade to lower temperature magnets to lower costs but we want a high quality motor capable of high temperature if needed.

RUBBER SEALED BEARINGS - We use upgraded rubber sealed bearings on all bearings in our motor to extend the life of your motors. Cheaper metal shielded bearings which are very common in other similar sized motors are easier to become contaminated as they are more likely to introduce dirt, dust and grime into your bearings which will result in a shorter bearing life. Rubber sealed bearings have less maintenance. They prevent lubricants from seeping out and contaminants from seeping into the bearing. Take for example on your skateboard wheels, what bearings would you want on your skateboard wheels? Ideally, the rubber sealed bearings so why would you want something different for your electric skateboard motors?

SMOOTHER MOTORS - We add additional rubber sealed bearings support on our all of our motors. Standard motors typically have only 2 bearings even for a larger motor like a 6374 6380 63100. We upgrade all of our motors with an additional 5+ rubber sealed bearings for smoother operation. Motors will typically spin 2-3+ times more than our wheels/tires will spin. Providing additional bearing support is crucial for motors because if our bearings fail our motor will fail.

UPGRADED DRIVE SHAFT - The insane torque that these motors generate can break the shaft from the motor can which result in the motor shaft spinning around inside the motor can. Most motors will typically use smaller screws and inferior methods that result in this being a common occurrence. We've upgraded our drive shaft to include a 4 point system on the end of the motor can to effectively secure the motor shaft to the motor can that can withstand the torque that our motors generate. If this is an issue, our warranty will replace it with a new motor.

CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE - We strive to improve efficiency, durability, performance, and reliability which will increase the motor life span. Our guarantee to our customers is that we work to continuously improve our motors after every production run. Every production run we learn and understand how better to improve and produce better motors so our customers have confidence in knowing that they are purchasing the best motor possible. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. We are always trying to improve.

MOTORS DESIGNED IN-HOUSE - We have full CAD designs of the internal components of our motors. This means that we have full control of the production quality of our motors while our designs are a secret and our competitive advantage. We do our best to deliver the best quality motor that we can. Standard motors are now a thing of current times. What does this mean? This means that similar sized motors now have a standard motor which is a motor designed specifically for lower cost and shorter production times but this isn't a good thing because many features and upgrades are sacrificed for the result of less cost and lower production times. Of course, we have the option to do the same but we prefer to offer a higher quality motor at a comparable price point to standard motors in the industry.

WARRANTY - We believe in the motors that we produce. We offer a 6 month warranty on all of our motors upon proof of failure.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Performance = These motors will allow you to travel up to speeds of 25-35+ mph. Maximum speed is dependent on available battery power, electronics and gearing ratios. I've climbed 20-25 degree inclines with these motors in San Francisco hills for up to 200 lbs rider weight for more upgrade to Dual 6374 Electric Skateboard Motors.

  • Max Power = 2500 Watts
  • Max Amps = 80 Amps  
  • Max Volts = 4S-12S+ (Capable of more but should be tested.)
  • Max Torque = 2.83Nm
  • Max RPM = Voltage * KV (190KV)
  • Motor Weight = 1.41 lbs
  • Recommend ESC = 12S 40-120+ Amps (TORQUE6 ESC)
  • Motor Shaft = 8mm Shaft Diameter, 32mm length useable shaft, (2) flat spot w/ 3x3 keyway slot.
  • Motor Wire = 200mm silicone 12AWG wire with 5.5mm Male Gold Bullet Connectors.
    • Wire configuration:
      • Blue = A
      • Black = B
      • Yellow = C
  • Sensor Wire = Standard VESC Connector JST-PH 6pin 2.0mm pitch
    • Internal PCB with slotted sensors, 120 Degree Hall Effect Sensors.
    • Motor can be used with or without sensors.
    • Sensor wires can plug in directly into VESC sensor ports that use JST-PH 6pin 2.0mm pitch connectors.
    • Wire configuration:
      • Red = 5v
      • White = Temp
      • Blue = A
      • Yellow = C
      • Green = B
      • Black = GND


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Increase performance. Increase range. Build it better. Build it how you like it.




This board has been amazing so far, super torquey, I've hit 38mph easily, ridiculously stable at top speeds, build quality is solid. Everything feels premium, eats hills up with ease, deck feels great.

Timmy O
East Hartford, CT

Thanks you guys rock! Seriously totally have impressed me on multiple occasions. Thanks for all you do!

Anthony P
Kansas City, MO

I really dig it! It has tons of power & torque. I love how low & wide it is, makes it feel incredibly stable. It's a perfect street board. Love the board & your products.

Michael E
Concord, NC

Just wanted to say thanks so much for handling the shipping so quickly! Very impressed and much appreciated 🤙 already ordered a bunch of bushings and washers to play with hehe. Have a great week!

Daniel C
Boynton Beach, FL

Absolutely loved them. Mine have literally been all over, thousands of miles on them.

Joseph G
Chicago, IL

board arrived yesterday. took it for a spin last night and loving it. looking forward to hearing your plans for the future. it is already fantastic. thanks

Barry C
Quincy, MA

Wow got them fast ordered Monday got them today Thursday and I'm in Canada thats fast service right on !!

Tony S
Edmonton, Canada

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Xavier Carrington
great quality and good torque

I've had this motor for a 9 mouths now and its been a blast to have very tamed when cruising but as great torque when full power is wanted and cant forget the reliability of the motor it feels like it's brand new even with the 50 plus miles on it

Customer 24987
Best small esk8 motors you can get

These are goods motors and drastically improved over older versions of even the same high quality motor.

Amazing motor

Powerful, hightorque motors, compact, you can mount dual 6355 on a standard caliber truck.

Tyler Marchok
Great quality compared to china

I bought these motors after a similar set I purchased from china failed. There are many subtle differences in the quality of the motors that make a huge difference- these motors come preinstalled with higher quality connectors than china motors and have preinstalled protective braiding around the wires. They spun up easily for bench tuning with a VESC, with much less internal resistance than the Chinese motors. They have also taken a beating from me, and are holding up quite well after ~100 miles of rough riding in SF. Would recommend.

Andrew Lewis
excellent motor

Compact very strong excellent surface finish, Has 2 flats and a key slot for almost any pulley out there and works excellent in both bldc mode and foc mode if you are using a vesc