What Electric Skateboard Parts Do I Need? Build Plan?


We have a wide selection of High Performance Electric Skateboard Parts. Typically, our electric skateboard parts are meant for building your own high performance electric skateboard. We've included a brief explanation of the type of parts which we carry in stock ready to ship out to you.

Single Motor Mechanical Kit - A single motor mechanical kit contains all the mechanical parts you need to build your electric skateboard. It's one of the most crucial parts to make it work properly. You'll still require an esc, motor, battery and a remote to complete your build.

Dual Motor Mechanical Kit - A dual motor mechanical kit contains the mechanical parts to build a dual motor electric skateboard. The dual motor electric skateboard using our TorqueBoards 180mm Trucks can run Dual 6355 190KV Motors for extreme hill climbing power. If you want even more power, you can use our TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks and run Dual 6374 190KV Motors for insane hill climbing power and ludicrous torque.

Electric Skateboard Motor Mounts - We offer our MilSpec 7075 Aluminum Motor Mounts in 3 colors - Black, Red, Blue.

Electric Skateboard Battery - Checkout our High Performance 18650 Custom Electric Skateboard Battery Pack options using Samsung 30Q 18650 Battery Cells.

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