TORQUE ESC Programming For A 6S Battery

What is 6S?

This tutorial will teach you how you can program your TORQUE ESC based upon the VESC® Open Source Project.

Only if you are using a 6S Battery Pack using Lithium Ion (18650 Li-ion) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery cells. Your battery voltage will be the following below which will be useful later in this article.

A 6S Battery Pack at nominal voltage which is 3.7v * 6S = 22.2 volts.

A 6S Battery Pack at peak voltage which is 4.2v * 6S = 25.2 volts.

18650 Lithium Ion are typically custom or pre-built battery packs. Our Electric Skateboard Battery packs are built from many individual 18650 lithium ion cells.

Lithium Polymer or LiPo battery packs are typically RC LiPo Battery packs which can typically be purchased from RC type websites.

18650 Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries have the same voltage. You can read more about these type of batteries in our battery articles.


This tutorial will require the following parts.

1. 6S Battery Voltage

2. 6355 260KV Motor

A 6S Battery with our 6355 260KV should allow you to ride up to 22-24mph top speed.

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