Update - Full Electric Skateboard Kit - Pre Order!

I'm currently working on another batch of Electric Skateboard Trucks that will go with a full Electric Skateboard Kit that I will offer. You can get all mechanical components for an electric skateboard here at DIYElectricSkateboard.com. electric skateboard kit

PRE-ORDER at a DISCOUNT!!! Limited Time Only!

  • 50mm motors with a 6S LiPo (For Speeds 25 - 30MPH)
  • 63mm RC Brushless Motors with a 6-12S LiPo (For Speeds 30mph+)
    • Single Motor Electric Longboard Trucks - $140.00 - BUY NOW!
    • Dual Diagonal Motor Electric Longboard Trucks - $190.00 - BUY NOW!
    • Dual Rear Motor Electric Longboard Trucks - $190.00 - BUY NOW!
The upcoming batch will not be Paris Trucks but they are trucks that are just like Paris Trucks. Basically, Paris clones but this will make the price cheaper. Take a look at all our trucks on the next batch! electric skateboard trucks   Longboard Trucks Before Attaching The Motor Mounts!


  • Slick Revolution

    Very nice to read about your experience and provide the best information about Full Electric Skateboard Kits. Thanks for this sharing great information.

  • Michael

    I have an emad 800 watt dirt rider with 3- 12 volt 12aH SLA. batteries. It weighs 75 lbs and does not last more than 25 minutes. I want to go to Lipo batteries. If I go to 10s lipo can I still use the low warning LED that lights up when my SLA batteries were to get low? ? I thought this work because the 10s lipo is 37v and my original SLA. is 36 v (12v x 3) What is your opinion? ? Excellent website by the way

  • Ryan w

    When will these videos be coming out showing how to make a electric longboard and costs?? Am way to excited to check them out ad be on my way to tearing up the streets on my own skating beast board!!

  • David Stephen Kalonick

    So… How’s that video coming along? :)

  • basel

    i need a motor mount that will fit “NTM Prop Drive 50-60 Series 380KV / 2665W” or the “Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 – 6364-190kv Brushless Outrunner Motor” do you have any that will???

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